Meeting in Montes Claros

A glimps of our meeting in Spain, check it out ;-)

Meeting in El Espinar

Please check out this video that shows a glimpse of our meeting in El Espinar! It's a great pleasure to share and learn with such a great team!

Meet Nico

Nico is sharing with us his experience working on empowerment doing organizational develpment work within the communities. Exciting! Check it out!

Our Project

Who we are and were we come from, the challengs we are facing, the activities we planed and the productes we implemented presented by a graphic recorder!

Meet Arun

Empowerment for me is about people – both women and men – taking control over their lives setting their own agendas, gaining skills, building self-confidence, solving problems, and developing self-reliance. At the same time we must also include the voices of young people. Important to me is the whole notion of self-reliance the power to rely on one’s self, on one’s own resources and ideas, to become fully independent in every respect. I love quiet time to just sit and be myself in nature with the balance of music, dance and the celebration of life.

“We are the people we have been waiting for”