Actions on Empowerment: A Practitioner’s guide for supporting Social Change

The development of the content contained in this manual lie deep within the international events facilitated through the Can Do Empowerment Programme which was funded by the EU Erasmus plus scheme. Through these events practitioners from Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain and South Africa were supported in coming together to exchange and share theories, ideas, methods and exercises in the field of empowerment and tackling discrimination.

This manual is intended for anyone who supports empowerment of people when challenging discrimination and exclusion. Within the manual we have explored the many different notions of power, empowerment and what it means to be a social change agent. We have expand upon the different approaches we developed and applied to supporting processes of empowerment and tackling discrimination.

We hope that you will find the content and activities contained in this manual useful when drawing up your own training events and workshops.

Download the manual here.