Can Do Refugees

This toolkit proposes a number of practical tools and innovative methods which will enhance your professional development in terms of knowledge, skills and competences. The wide range of materials that you will find - methodology, theoretical framework, trust-building exercises and main activities - were tested during two trainings which took place in Madrid, Spain, and in Marseille, France. On these occasions, trust, participation and empowerment have been, at the same time, core concepts and main drivers. In fact, while empowerment, which is intended both as the process of self-empowerment and as the professional support of people, have represented the ultimate objective of each workshop, their success and effectiveness have been entirely based on trust-relations and on the sincere engagement of each participant, whether a trainer or a trainee. The compilation is a result of contributions of all participants of these meetings.

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The Culturatorium

Within the current Can Do Refugee project the approach Culturatorium has been used in each workshop for the refugees and adapted for the international field. The approach combines improv theater and intercultural education and has been proved to be very valuable and usefull in this international field. Here we present an English version with the description of the approach and some main exercises:

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The development of the content contained in this manual lie deep within the international events facilitated through the Can Do Empowerment Programme.Through these events practitioners from Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain and South Africa were supported in coming together to exchange and share theories, ideas, methods and exercises in the field of empowerment and tackling discrimination.

This manual is intended for anyone who supports empowerment of people when challenging discrimination and exclusion. Within the manual we have explored the many different notions of power, empowerment and what it means to be a social change agent.

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In the book the reader will have the opportunity to explore and listen to the individual voices of a diverse group of participants who engaged with the “Can Do Empowerment” programme. You will receive an insight into the personal stories of individuals who face discrimination as well as those attempting to combat discrimination and exclusion. They are also, in their own discrete and different ways, Social Change Agents striving for empowerment.

The material was put together in a participatory development process with participants from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, South Africa and the United Kingdom. The book is available in English, German, Spanish, Dutch.

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